Monday, April 21, 2008

Have Fun with Design

It is every designer's dream when your client lets you design whatever the heck you want and actually have it brought to life. Here are a couple of great examples I found via The Design Files and ManyStuff.
Julien Vallée is a motion graphic designer/ art director from Montréal. A lot of his work are hand-sketched or hand-made with construction paper. He made this brilliant paper computer and cup for a blog called ManyStuff. It is a site that questions the relative roles of the computer and hand-made processes in design.
And from ManyStuff I found Michiel Schuurman's invitation he designed for a hotel in Amsterdam. I love how the triangle is made with just one long strip of paper and works like a puzzle. See how it unfolds below. images: Julien Vallée and ManyStuff

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