Monday, April 28, 2008

Green Gocco

My Gocco Arts - not so green

JoJo's Riso 265 - tres green!

I love my Gocco Arts and I've made lots of prints with it but I admit that it is not the greenest printer out there, almost everything is meant to be disposable, especially the light bulbs, it takes 2 bulbs to expose a small screen and 4 bulbs to expose a large screen, ouch!!!
My Flickr pal
JoJo has recently bought a RISO SP-265 that would flash a screen without the use of disposable bulbs! Instead it uses a xenon lamp (like you would find in a thermal imager). For about $70, you can produce over 200 screens with the use of a xenon lamp, compared to over $400 for 400 bulbs to produce the same amount of screens, that's a bargain and not to mention all those bulbs you'll save!!! It's extremely hard to find one of these printers and JoJo has gone through a LOT to get hers (months of researching and posting on Craig's List and eBay). I would love to be lucky enough to get one but it looks ginormous! Wonder if it is even bigger than my Gocco Arts???

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Firefly said...

Hey Wonting.

She is ginormous! Her previous owner lovingly caller her 'The Beast". I have not decided if I will keep that name, but it is quite fitting.

She weights in at a whopping 35 pounds!