Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Green Product- And Fun

My friends Mary and Chris from Maryink are big soda fans, but they don't drink the store-bought stuff, instead they make their own with this gadget from Soda Club. It is about the size of a blender and doesn't require electricity, it costs only 50 cents to make a liter of soda, and the best thing is you no longer need to buy bottled beverages anymore, all you'll ever use are those 3 bottles pictured here, great for the environment! The down side is you do have to order everything online. But since Chad prefers drinking seltzer and I am just an occasional soda drinker, we probably won't think it's a hassle.

Here is how it works: fill a bottle with cool water, screw it into the carbonator, press the fizz button five or six times, add the flavored mix to the bottle (or you could do without the mix if you're making seltzer), close the bottle and shake a few times, and within a minute, you have a home-made bottle of soda!

As for the mixes, they have lots of flavors available- all the fruity flavors, cream, vanilla, and flavors that are similar to Mountain Dew, Coke, 7-Up, and Dr. Pepper! You can also make egg-cream with it (seltzer and chocolate syrup). As a creative person, you know I'll be mixing flavors and experiment with other beverages like coffee and tea, wonder if I can make frothy milk shake or orange juice with it???

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Joree said...

Too funny. My good friend in Suisse has one of these machines (I thought the end product always tasted a little off to me). I never knew we had them in US.