Thursday, April 24, 2008

Green Idea from Strath

My friend Strath sent me this simple green idea:
It sounds like such a basic thing—most good ideas are—but walking as much as possible is good for the environment and good for you. In New York we take the subway or bus, which is much better than driving, but sometimes just hoofing it doesn't take much longer. For example, it takes me 40 minutes to walk from Fort Greene to the Lower East Side (only 15 minutes longer than the subway) and I get to check out that relic of NYC grittiness, the Manhattan Bridge.

When my wife Emily and I bought a place in Seattle last fall, which we're currently renting out but will eventually move to, a major consideration was the neighborhood's walkability. There's a website called that can help you calculate just that: type in your address and it brings up a map with shops, libraries, bars, restaurants, and other services and businesses within walking distance. Best of all, it gives you a "walk score" (hence the name) so you can easily compare the walkability of different locations. Go here to try it out:

Strath has a very cool blog called Pacific Standard, check it out!

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Alexandr said...

My walk score is 45… I was rather upset with it. And I was surprised to know that there is another score called drive score to evaluate my house. I found the way to calculate it online at Fizber site ( ). I’ve got much better results – 83.