Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Black, White, and Gray Forever

That's me, I just can't kick that habit. As I get older I can no longer wear some of the labels that I've been a fan of since high school, it doesn't mean I'm going to stop wearing fun pieces, but definitely less girly. Here are some of my black, white and gray picks for the fall:

1. Jil Sander collection for Uniqlo (above),
the prices are so affordable I'll probably buy a lot of from the collection.

2. A lot of Acne Jeans. It's probably one of my favorite labels these days. (Top) I LOVE this look a lot, especially the skirt that's wrapped like a Guggenheim Museum! (Bottom) Wham sweater, boxy and long, comes with a matching scarf that look like another set of sleeves. Love the shoes too!

3. Oak. This store has created a small collection of clothes that defines what Oak is all about, dark, edgy, layers, and affordable. This coat with a square collar exterior and a french terry zip up is $422! You can't even buy half a bag with that money!

4. Opening Ceremony. I always love clothes with options to wear different ways. This tie front blazer can be worn as a jacket or as a dress.

5. Fun pieces that I must get:

I fell in love with this Karen Walker broken pearls t-shirt ever since I first saw it in a runway photo. I'm normally not into crew neck t-shirts, but this shirt is made for dressing up so I like it.

Okay it's not black white or gray but definitely rocks! This fish tail flannel shirt by Opening Ceremony. Not totally into ruffles but mixed with the masculinity of a flannel shirt makes a nice balance.

photos: Uniqlo, Acne Jeans, Opening Ceremony, Urban Outfitters, Creatures of Comfort

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Emily said...

Love that O.C. blazer! How amazing would that look with a pair of Louboutin pumps?