Tuesday, August 25, 2009

J. Peterman, Really?

For people who know what J. Peterman is, must be saying "really? Is that the J. Peterman that Elaine worked for on Seinfeld?", yes really, I love J. Peterman catalogs ever since I was a kid, every product in the catalog (except for some home furnishing) is shown in watercolor illustration, I study these illustrations like real pieces of art! I also read the catalog from cover to cover, because they always have a witty history lesson about each product. Although myself and most of my readers, are not the demographic that shop at J. Peterman, but if you really look closely and you will find some really outstanding classic pieces that will work with your wardrobe! Here are my picks:

Picture above- Otavalo Mountain shirt, it's a unisex shirt worn by the actual moutain people of Otavalo, Ecuador. The catalog suggests that I wear it with a soft skirt and a wide belt, hmmm.... not sure about that...

The JP shirt- another unisex shirt in muslin and pure cotton, it looks so soft, it has no collar stays so it's perfect for the button down look. And how about those wooden buttons, sign me up!!!

I can never get tired of a good trench coat, this short version, the catalog says was found in a little shop in Milan. It also suggests that I pair it with a beige paisley scarf, not sure about that again.... but it is a very chic coat, or a really good illustration of an average coat?

This vintage camera clock (this is a photo not illustration) is very interesting, guess you can turn anything into clocks but this folding bellows camera looks really good to me, and it's on sale!

images: J. Peterman

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