Monday, August 24, 2009

OC- Department Store

My jetlagged Hubby arrived in Tokyo and walked around Shibuya late at night and sent me a picture of the Tokyo Opening Ceremony to be opened on the 30th. It's located in the busiest shopping district called Shibuya. Chad said that it's about the size of a Parco building (there are about 3 large buildings of Parco department stores in that area!), guess it's not just a little boutique like the one in New York! There are some computer renderings of the interiors of the store here, it's going to be an 8-level store with different theme on each floor, kind of like an American version of Dover Street Market, I love and wish I were there! I'm sure the store will be a hit in Tokyo since the Japanese are fascinated by the American culture, and I hope my good friend Miki's jewelry line will do very well there.
picture: Chad

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Hijiri said...

oh wow. that big?! I can't wait to check it out next time I go back there!!

((it was so nice seeing you at the park!! :)))