Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Walls Need Some Friends

They are looking a little bare right now, we have a few things hung on the walls but could use a couple new ones. Ever since we got the black painting I'm really into buying prints with black background. I love the owl print by Wayne Pate, but we had to roll it up due to a string of bad incidents that happened to our personal lives (we are superstitious!). But I'm a huge fan and would really love to buy a new print of his. I don't think I'm allowed to buy any more prints since we have so many that are stored inside our closets (we really edited down our art collection for the new place, perhaps a little too much!). The Frenchie bird above is the print that I sort of got an approval for... and here are some other ones that I would love to get:David Hockney by Wayne Pate. He really chose the most iconic image of the artist, that pose is so distinctively Hockney! I love the color of the paper Wayne used for the print, it's so retro chic!

A couple of prints by the lovely Eleanor! The top one is just what I was looking for, black and lots of black, and gold ink, it's sexy and dangerous!!! The second one has such beautiful silhouettes and colors that pop and most importantly this print will look so good on my wall, it's so Bruno Munari!

And this amazing photo of a Nymphenburg porcelain store room by Greg Krum (Chad's co-worker from the past and a dear friend), I wish I had gotten it back in January on this website, it's now completely sold out, not even one $2000 print left! Medium format photos are just so special, I can even sense the musty and cold storage room from the color of these worn out but beautiful cabinets.

images: good shape design, push me pull you, 2x200

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