Thursday, August 27, 2009

Munny Show in Tokyo

So Chad is in Tokyo for the Munny temporary store opening at the MoMA store, here are some pictures of the space. As the sign says there's also a Munny show, wonder if this Gloomy Munny (below) is on display, it was made for the very first Munny show back in 2005. For that same show, I did one with my friend Siu Yin Chau (below), his name is Ping Pong Chimp. The reason why I decided to do a ping pong themed Munny was because of the lollipop that reminded me of a ping pong paddle, (the accessories that come with your Munny is a blind assortment meaning you don't know what you're getting until you open the box). I bought some pretty fancy yarn for this little dude and was hand knitted by a first class knitwear designer! I was bummed that it wasn't sold for much (the money was donated to the people affected by the Tsunami), but I had fun doing it.
photos: Chad, Kidrobot

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*gemmifer* said...

Your Munny is adorable! I love his outfit... looks like the Chinese team's Olympic uniforms.