Monday, August 31, 2009

Liberty And Grayson Perry

I caught the Liberty fever today:Hermès Pour Liberty scarf. Hermès has designed a line of limited edition scarves for Liberty, they are available in different Liberty silk fabrics and the iconic Hermès Ex Libris design is screen printed over them. This one (above) is definitely my favorite.

The Liberty store is having a special exhibition called Prints Charming, it's a show of all things eccentric designed with Liberty prints. I like this Peacock print teapot because it's not the usual ditsy floral and I've always wanted something with Peacock feather.

I fell in love with this super cute print by artist Grayson Perry. He designed a line of textiles that subvert traditional images of childhood and gender.I love this vintage-inspired bicycles print too! After reading a little blurb about Perry, I became very curious about him and found this fabulous photo of him (below) dressed as his alter ego- Claire. Perry is a insanely talented artist known for his ceramics. He is married (yes, he's straight) and has a daughter. He did an exhibition based on his favorite teddy bear Alan Measles that he's had for 45 years, I love him! I must do more research on Grayson immediately!photos:,

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*gemmifer* said...

Grayson Perry is one of those well-known eccentric Englishmen. For years I've seen him pop up in the society pages of Tatler, British Vogue, and Harper's Bazaar. He is definitely a very talented person!