Friday, August 28, 2009

Dressing Up My Living Room With...

As you may know, I moved into a new place 2 months ago, so today's posts are dedicated to home decorating. I need some ceiling lights for the living room and bedroom. Today I'm focused on the living room lighting, it will be hanging in the center of the room where we use as living and dining room, the ceiling is not that high so I can't get a tall pendant lamp, and I can't hang it low since it's not going to be hung on top of the dining table. Here are some of the lights that I consider buying, which one should I go for?

Lens Pressed Glass Pendant by Tom Dixon (above). It's from his latest lighting collection. I love the transparency and the industrial look of this light.

Beat Light by Tom Dixon. Yes I'm a fan and I've wanted one for a long time. The one I want is the wide and short disc (second from from left), it's perfect for our ceiling height and would go perfectly with our black painting and white walls.

Cluster lamp by Moooi. It's witty and you can always change the look of the lamp and the ambient of the room with different light bulbs.

I'm really into brass these days and I really dig this vintage 60's lamp that I found on this Swedish website through Fine Little Day.

Flower Pot lamp by Panton. Chad said he has a silver version of it somewhere in the storage, not sure if we even want to go there since the space is jam packed like Tetris blocks, this blue enamel version is really cute so maybe...


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