Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Last Night

Went to Areaware's Pop Up store opening at the Port Authority to support Chad who played the best soul music in town and of course to support our local designers. The store is a lot of fun if you are in the market for gifty things, here are some of my faves:I don't have room for another pillow in my home, but I do love Fauna pillows, how cute is the squirrel one on the lower right?!

Sorry for the bad picture, there were too many people hovering around Kiel Mead's jewelry case, I love the simplicity and innocence of his designs, see the badminton birdy lights above, and especially the delicate forget-me-knot, which I have blogged about a while ago.

If I were to buy something at the store, this would be it, a Tarmoset leather fly swatter! I could really use one this summer!!!

Yes the Annie Lenon hairy necklaces are cool, but I adore the little flower earrings!

And last but not least Chad the Mr. DJ man.

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