Monday, November 30, 2009

Apple Cake

At 10pm last night I decided to bake an apple cake, I found the recipe from House Beautiful and it seemed easy enough to make, and it only needs 2 granny smith apples. As a clumsy baker I did everything I shouldn't have or didn't use the right equipment to bake this cake. The recipe calls for light brown sugar but I only had dark so I used it, I mixed the butter and sugar when the butter was not soft enough resulted in sugar flying out of the bowl, to eliminate further splattering nightmare I mixed the batter by hand (with a spatula) instead of the mixer, I didn't use a springform cake pan because I don't have one, and I didn't sprinkle the thing with powder sugar coz I figured that it's sweet and pretty enough. I learned that I don't have to follow the damn recipe to a T, like I used to, and the cake turned out pretty good, actually delicious! It's a nice cake to have in the morning with a coffee, it's not too cakey and dense so it doesn't feel like I'm eating dessert (I'm kidding myself right now, but it IS lighter!) Let me know if you want the recipe, or buy the December issue of House Beautiful!


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