Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Holiday Fun- Free Cards with Purchase!

I just released my new holiday cards and felt ornaments, you can get them on Etsy now. I am extremely happy with how they all came out, especially the Rejoice card, I should always use kraft paper! The holiday icons card is great too, the gold is crudely printed and off registered because that's what I love about vintage cards, flaws and all! I will post everything on my wonting shop next.

I am giving away a couple of free cards with each purchase of the ornaments and holiday cards (any holiday cards in my shop), while supplies last. I did some cards with a company in the UK last year and they gave me a ton of them so I might as well give them away and spread the love!

I've been working non-stop these days on a bunch of different projects, tomorrow I'll have another big announcement, so stay tuned!

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LaNinja said...

I just received my christmas cards! They are soooo beautiful, thank you :)