Tuesday, November 10, 2009

An Early Early Holiday Wish List

Guys, remember to get this Kidrobot Krunk-a-Claus Dunny by TADO on Thursday, November 12! It is absolutely the cutest thing ever! Love his 'nog and his wooly beard!

The Magic Mouse. Apple finally got it right with this super light-weight wireless AND buttonless mouse! You can scroll and swipe pages with a click and a double-click anywhere on the surface of the mouse. I am so psyched about using it with a laptop!!!

New York (Peony) by Gregory Krum. Greg is a good friend of Chad's and I have always been a fan of his photography, just found out that he's released a new print on Jen Beckman's 20x200.com, I had to get it right away (because these limited edition prints sell out quickly!), guess it's an early holiday gift for myself! Peony is one of my favorite flowers and hey we happen to have that same vase at home, I love it, it's so perfect for me!!!

Spencer Squirrel Nut Cracker. Not all squirrels are created equally cute, this squirrel happens to be the top 2% cutest. I don't ever crack nuts or have the desire to, but now I do!

Momofuku Cook Book by David Chang and Peter Meehan. Who doesn't love Momofuku, right? And Peter is the hippest food writer in town, his collaboration with chef/owner David Chang, is a book that is full of creative ideas and delicious Asian recipes, and a great restaurant memoir (read the full review here). Bravo!

I'm not an anglophile (although my friends would tell me that I kinda am, unfortunately), I can't help but really want this "Made in England" rolling pin. Maybe it's because it's ceramic with beech handles, I think I would still like it if it says "Made in America", just that Kathleen Hills thought of it first...

photos: Kidrobot, Apple, 20x200, JamieOliver.com, EatMeDaily.com, MyLivingSpace.co.uk

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