Monday, November 9, 2009


A few weeks ago my friend Carmen and I stopped by our neighborhood bookstore and picked up a cookbook by Baked Bakery from Red Hook. I have never been to the store and had never tried their baked goods until recently, I got a chocolate brownie with sea salt from my local store and I became an addict, even Oprah said it's one of her favorite things (hehe)! Carmen bought the book because she wanted to make the pumpkin whoopie pies, we also made the brownies (minus the sea salt) and they were insanely good, as good as the Baked ones if not better! Yesterday we made an apple pie, I give Carmen most of the credit because she made the hardest and the most important thing in a pie- the dough, the night before. Since we're both perfectionists and wanted to do everything exactly right, it took us about 5 hours to make the pie! I tell ya there's a lot of work involved in making the pie but the result was A-MAZING!!! The crust came out perfect, it's so light and flaky. It's a bit scary to think about how much butter and sugar is in the pie but surprisingly it doesn't taste heavy or too sweet either. You know what Carmen? I think it's time for me to get my own copy of the book, and our next "project" will be the flourless chocolate cake!
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