Monday, November 23, 2009

Will Cotton Bakery

Our friend Hans works in the office where the bakery took place, it was actually a bakery/installation by artist Will Cotton at Partners and Spade- a design agency and sometimes store in Noho. Cotton is a renowned painter who uses beautifully baked and frosted dessert as his subject, he created art with these tasty treats which he also created. His macaroons were like crack, the lemon one was our favorite, it was light as air and had just enough crisp on the outside. Chad and I devoured the 3 in no time so we went back to get more, but I noticed there was a sign that said 3 macaroons limit per customer, so Chad smooth talked the lady into giving us more macaroons that we devoured in no time again.

Back to Cotton, he is a talented baker as well as an excellent artist, seeing him yesterday was very inspiring and really made my day.
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