Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Brilliant Cards!

Been spending too much time looking at greeting cards today, here are some them that I really love:
Assorted Biscuits card by a Japanese company called Buono Buono. They look so real and delicious, and such a smart and simple design!

Present & Correct is definitely one of my all-time favorite giftware site, they carry new and old products from designers all over the world, but I am a die-hard fan of their own designs. Here are some of the cards that I absolutely LOVE: (picture on top) my favorite
Cute As A Button card, Tree or Snowman decoration that is also a card (below), and X'mas Stocking Thaumatrope card (second one below).
sources: http://matomeno.in/products/item-667.html via ffffound, presentandcorrect.com

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carina said...

The biscuits are so clever, love it!