Monday, November 2, 2009

Outside of our Window Yesterday

I love my neighborhood, the New York City Marathon happened right outside our window, we couldn't help but be excited and watched the runners pass by our block. Chad's co-worker was also running so we wanted to cheer for her, I had the camera ready and tried really hard to keep an eye out for her, but of course we missed her, she ended up calling Chad's name and we barely saw her, no picture and no hi-five, we're so lame, how did we miss her?! Anyways, we really enjoyed cheering for the runners, it's so inspiring to see all kinds of people, professionals, superheroes, handicapped, blind, seniors, running together, and it must be a lot of fun to run across the 5 boroughs with 40,000 other people! Who knows, maybe next year we will be running the marathon, better start training now!

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*gemmifer* said...

How cool! And what luck that you got the winner, Meb Keflezighi running by in the first photo (in black hat and arm warmers)!